BeeZ Social ERP


An organizational specific social
media communication tool that
fosters engagement with all
stakeholdersinside and outside
the organization.


Allows employees and members to be recognized as influencers for being subject matter experts and sharing knowledge.

Easily share previous accomplishments, experiences, whitepapers and other relevant knowledge.

Allows employee to employee social media style engagement that encourages active problem solving through collaboration and experience sharing.

Allows employees/members to be on top of critical and timely communications from management and leadership.

Rewards knowledge sharing by utilizing proven social media peer acknowledgments.


Capitilizes on the exisisting knowledge base of the workforce by providing a social media platform that encourages and fosters active problem solving.

Connects internal and external stakeholders based on current productivity needs/wants.

Eliminates problem redundancies by allowing employees/members to tap into existing solutions created by colleagues.

Easily create relevant announcements for company wide or department specific distribution.

Empowers employees to engage and get involved in community builiding based initiatives.

Fosters innovation and encourages collaboration by easily connecting like minded colleagues outside of thier normal organizational structure.

Easily create company wide push notifications for quick and targeted reach.