BeeZ Social ERP


Automates the onboarding process by using an end to end workflow to speed up the intergration and orientation process of a new team member into the organization.


Enables new team members to introduce themselves and easily and effectively apply thier past experience as a valuable asset to the company/organization

Easy & fast onboarding to quickly intergrate new hires enabling them to assimilate to thier position and be immediately productive.

Provides a centralized orientation process that contains all the relevant documentation and information

Eliminates the confusion and frustration that stems from the inconsistency of traditionally human led onboarding processes.

Easily foster connection to the company culture, future colleagues and team members.


Provides the organization an easy and effective wayto welcome and provide orientation for new team members.

Provide a customizable and easy to use onboarding process that empowers each department to be actively involved in creating a tailored and relevant onboarding workflow.

Save time/resources by digitizing the welcome and orientation process

Eliminate the inefficiences and costly redundancies resulting from human error.